July 15, 2017

"Why Not Riot"

“Why Not Riot”


Come into the darkness
throw stones and fire
smash buildings and steal
destroy and imprison innocents
come children of entitlement
chase away the Prophets
the truth tellers who lie
we are not wicked or evil
we murder and steal always
allowing you to do the same
this the line of the left
seeking a world government
doing away with our liberties
destroying the Constitution
destroying America in hate
why not riot-take what you can
violate laws paying pelf
none will be punished
and much worse it to be
come into the darkness!

Copyright © 2017 – cji

(Highly recommend reading The Prophecy of Nephi, the Son of Helaman—God threatens the people of Nephi that he will visit them in his anger, to their utter destruction except they repent of their wickedness. God smiteth the people of Nephi with pestilence; they repent and turn unto him. Samuel, a Lamanite, prophesies unto the Nephites.
Comprising chapters 7 through 16.  When you do so just exchange the names and places to today's world)
(From Scriptures but substituted for today) And now it came to pass that when a Prophet had said these words, behold, there were men who were judges (politicians/media/comedians/leftists/lsm), who also belonged to the secret band of DNC and Elitists, and they were angry, and they cried out against him, saying unto the people: Why do ye not seize upon this man and bring him forth, that he may be condemned according to the crime which he has done?  Why seest thou this man, and hearest him revile against this people and against our law?

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