January 30, 2016

"A Law" (The Law of Consecration - short essay)

The Law of Consecration is very interesting – as it is not equal distribution – but a fair distribution of all one has that they do not need or use. One example – my family has a farm and I raise an abundance of wheat. Our annual wheat usage is 1/16 of what we harvest – the other 15/16 would go into the ‘kitty or Bishop’s Storehouse’ to be then distributed on a need basis to other members in the community – or even further out if not all consumed – no one gets more than they need! Those who are unable to put into the ‘kitty’ would have to provide labor or other service – those with handicaps within their abilities – and those with age the same.

Another example – is that of ‘things’ – some have lots of things and others do not. Clothes – plastic containers – whatever – we’re to donate that which we are not using for the good of all.

Lastly – I’ve a five bedroom home – with 3 full baths – and another has a one bedroom home with one full bath. Is there an inequality – it would depend on needs. In fact our mortgage payments could be the same depending on when the homes were purchased. This is not inequality unless I was showing off – and did not need such a home – when we purchased the home it had three bedrooms and 2 full baths – but we’ve changed the interior of the home. And if needed it allows for our family to come and live with us if needed. Indeed – I might need to move to a smaller home – but with limited resources – my staying where I am might be more frugal due to the cost of housing.

Now another aspect of the Law of Consecration is that it is not a Commandment – but a Covenant! One is not to be Commanded in all things – otherwise they’re a slothful servant (see Matthew 25:26 and Doctrine & Covenants 58:26). Only those with a current Temple Recommend are within this Covenant. Yet, we’ve not been required to live it – but can do so of our own free will and choice.

You come visit my home – or we’re at Church – and you comment how much you like the tie I’m wearing  - I’d take it off and give it to you – I’ve other ties and you like this one. Or someone sees a piece of furniture we’ve and says how much they like (innocently – not trying to get it given to them) and by the prompting of the Spirit we give it to them. We’ve a stewardship for all Heavenly Father has blessed to be responsible for – here and now. When we give this to someone else it becomes their stewardship for a season.

However, many are greedy for the things of the world – hoarding much they’ll never use – and what they’ve goes to moth, rust, decay – or many times just gets lost and no longer useable.
Another thing which many do not consider is ‘knowledge’ – sharing what you know willingly and freely rather than making others learn the ‘hard’ way – they still have to have the desire to learn – and still have to study it out – but we can help them in many ways along the way. Mostly this involves our time!

The true sense of the Law of Consecration in a layman’s understanding is I’ve two pencils – you’ve none – I give you one of mine. And it is done without thought or after-thought – for the right reason – at the right time and the right place. We don’t do it for the world to see – but because it needed to be done.

Consecration is the solemn dedication to a special purpose or service, usually religious. The word consecration literally means "association with the sacred". Persons, places, or things can be consecrated, and the term is used in various ways by different groups.

“A Law”


A law of obedience
covenanted with Father
in Holy Places only
yet well known
distorted by some
yet sacred by few
most cannot live it
those told to failed
too hard – too tough
understanding not
the law or covenant
consecration to do
as a way of life
when asked by Father!

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"Who Are the Wicked"

“Who Are the Wicked”


Found in disobeying
any of the Commands
back-biting and rumoring
contentious and beguiling
leaders of nations or mobs
those who’ve turned away
hearing, feeling, seeing
the truth but ignoring
proclaiming their greatness
using it to replace obedience
righteousness but a byword
each of us to be very aware
lest we be deceived in awe
of what is offered by man
in this mortalities testing!

Isaiah 57:21 There is no peace,
saith my God, to the wicked.

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"The Importance of the Sabbath"

“The Importance of the Sabbath”


One hears nothing within the chaos
loudness overbearingly disruptive
over and over in the Scriptures
keep the Sabbath Day holy/pure
it’s a Commandment each to obey
yet the world has disavowed it
churches have changed it all
an hour here or there or less
golf courses are fully filled
stadiums clamor for more space
yachting and water sports to do
amusement parks and movies
nothing is sacred but to a few
those who remember always
the importance of the Sabbath!

Isaiah 56:Blessed is the man that doeth this,
and the son of man that layeth hold on it;
that keepeth the sabbath from polluting it,
and keepeth his hand from doing any evil.

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"Feeling Whiny"

“Feeling Whiny”


Now and then whiny time
wanting to express distress
feeling whiny – sorry for self
a blinking of the eye maybe
looking quickly to the light
engaging in service to others
dwelling no longer on self
knowing the refiners fire
requires one to endure to end
accepting the Abraham trial
feeling whiny a mortal moment
within a Celestial life living
now and then being human!

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"Returning Loved One's"

“Returning Loved One’s”


Dreams coming alive once more
returning loved one’s calling
allowing time to remembering
quietly weaving into thoughts
where from my Sister this time
Chelmno yes I remember
experimenting in extermination
then elimination of all evidence
yet to no avail in time to come
yes my Sister I hear/feel you
there is no rest till someday
when all is laid open to know
returning loved one’s clinging
hoping to remind the world
or at least another one or two
other’s recording remembering
no my Sister you’ll be known
not forgotten at least by a few!

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January 29, 2016

"What Never Goes to Print"

“What Never Goes to Print”


Americans beguiled by MSM
and those sub-sets as Fox
as all things in politics wrong
mis-leading news reporting
leads the way in contention
caring not do I who you vote
but understanding Fed law
a need to rid the establishment
cleaning house of careers
taking away big money
maybe PAC’s go away
one party running treason
with a socialist thrown in
(smoke for who will run)
the other outsiders mixed
with the old establishment
what never goes to print
is the truth of the reality
how hateful is government
of the Constitutional law
of our the voters freedoms
continuing to deceive most
those on the dole to vote
not for America or freedom
for slavery’s steel chains
led by the MSM in blindness
in what never goes to print!

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"My Soldier Came Home"

“My Soldier Came Home”


Was it a year – two or three
letters to remind each day
how many reflecting alone
without the return of theirs;

Tired, exhausted but here
now together we can pray
thankful expressions known
someday to be eternal heirs!

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"Seeing a Miracle"

“Seeing a Miracle”


Embracing the Spirit
filled with promptings
enjoining with Father
my will as is His
seeing a miracle
little or small or huge
leaving me in awe
worthy to partake
within able to awake
knowing the sure call
my heart a surging luge
knowing of this miracle
part of mortalities quiz
discerning with Father
filled with promptings
embracing my Spirit!

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"Feeling my Soul"

“Feeling My Soul”


Her eyes penetrating
seeing beyond my being
looking at my soul
wondering to smile
or to fear being near
so young 6 months
but able to see beyond
feeling my soul
penetrating her eyes!

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January 28, 2016

"Marching, Walking, Crawling, Running"

“Marching, Walking,
Crawling, Running”


There were no rides
no vehicles or roads
just shadows forested
deep ridges amid bombs
rivers to cross swimming
carrying all we owned
indifferent to the weather
searing hot or freezing cold
thus we walked or ran
crawled or marched
towards the objective
seeking the enemy
till they found us
continuous two years
three years – 18 months
over and over again
grunting our complaints
mud, rain, snow, heat
listening to us daily
but caring not at all
still there were no rides!

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"Friendship to Formant"

"Friendship to Formant"


Gathering as strangers*
them and along with me
dolphins at evening to see
youth and old re-arrangers;

Blending our lives a moment
theirs with mind away from all
finding a newness in awe
our friendship to formant;

Taking our lives unknown
becoming familiar within
creatively differences thin
no longer strangers known;

Introducing a new massage
as a lotion allowing a flower
thoughts shared in an hour
arranged in an eternal corsage!

(*Yesterday met four young
students on the pier
in Charleston SC
we spoke for over an hour
thus the thought above.)

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January 27, 2016

"That Ye Might"

“That Ye Might”


Speaking up with others
sharing the importance
of each one being as one
understanding common sense
reasoning within the truth
taking time with all as one
leaving smiles good feelings
sharing the importance
having harmony not contention
having understanding not judgment
that ye might have peace within
that ye might know who you are!

John 16:33 These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.

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January 26, 2016

"Being Found"

“Being Found”


Father knows us each
where we are found
when we are all alone
giving us good tidings
publishing peace of mind
offering each eternal life
which we are in need
His being found within
loving him loving us
where we are found
in obedience willingly
Father knows us each!

Isaiah 52:7
How beautiful upon the mountains
are the feet of him
that bringeth good tidings,
that publisheth peace;
that bringeth good tidings of good,
that publisheth salvation;
that saith unto Zion,
Thy God reigneth!

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"3 Frosh"

“3 Frosh”


Bright intelligent hopeful
how sobering to meet
smiles cheerfulness
careful to listen/feeling
seeing what’s alive
enjoying the non-worldly
pointing out dolphins
in the evening time
light enough to see
too dark to  photograph
still  exciting innocence
allowing the moment
of Father’s expression
knowing the minds photo
is eternal and forever
even if not captured
3 frosh sharing time
how sobering to meet
hopeful intelligent bright!

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January 25, 2016





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