November 30, 2013

“The Gathering” 11/20/13

“The Gathering”
(of the righteous)
Some endure trials and struggles
within births struggles to live
each day of their life’s unknowing
others seem nary a trial known
most it is a day to day event
good and the difficult found
each will be tried in all things
Job and Abraham and Joseph
were no exceptions to tribulations
having many fires to traverse
learning with added knowledge
eternal is the Celestial Kingdom
thus the mortal test is total
each learn if they measure up
for without the refiners fire lit
none can truly know of self
the gathering will be of those
valiant in their endurance skill
holding fast to the rod of iron
whether in the beginning of life
or in their Decembers passing
life’s unknown is of the when
struggles and trials to endure!
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“Value Added”

“Value Added”
Breaking of the morning sun
finding ways to light our way
bells ringing – choirs singing
giving us direction on this day;
Value added if we’re in tune
feeling the Spirit warming us
this the Sabbath Day within
leading onward to the Son!
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Visiting Teaching Message December 2013

Visiting Teaching Message December 2013

“The Divine Mission of Jesus Christ: The Only Begotten Son”

Faith, Family, Relief

This is part of a series of Visiting Teaching Messages featuring aspects of the mission of the Savior.

Our Savior, Jesus Christ, is called the Only Begotten Son because He is the only person on earth to be born of a mortal mother and an immortal Father. He inherited divine powers from God, His Father. From His mother, Mary, He inherited mortality and was subject to hunger, thirst, fatigue, pain, and death.1

Because Jesus Christ is the Only Begotten of the Father, He was able to lay down His life and take it up again. The scriptures teach that “through the atonement of Christ,” we “obtain a resurrection” (Jacob 4:11). We also learn that all “might be raised in immortality unto eternal life” if we “would believe” (D&C 29:43).

As we come to understand more fully what it means for Jesus to be the Only Begotten Son of the Father, our faith in Christ will increase. Elder D. Todd Christofferson of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles said, “Faith in Jesus Christ is the conviction and assurance of (1) His status as the Only Begotten Son of God, (2) His infinite Atonement, and (3) His literal Resurrection.”2 Modern prophets have testified: “[Jesus Christ] was … the Only Begotten Son in the flesh, the Redeemer of the world.”3

From the Scriptures

From Our History

In the New Testament we read of women, named and unnamed, who exercised faith in Jesus Christ, learned and lived His teachings, and testified of His ministry, miracles, and majesty. These women became exemplary disciples and important witnesses in the work of salvation.

For example, Martha bore strong testimony of the Savior’s divinity when she said to Him, “I believe that thou art the Christ, the Son of God, which should come into the world” (John 11:27).

Some of the earliest witnesses of the Savior’s divinity were His mother, Mary, and her cousin Elisabeth. Soon after the angel Gabriel visited Mary, she visited Elisabeth. As soon as Elisabeth heard Mary’s greeting, she “was filled with the Holy Ghost” (Luke 1:41) and bore testimony that Mary would become mother to the Son of God.

What Can I Do?

1.    Why is it important for me to understand the roles of Jesus Christ?

2.    How do covenants increase our faith in the Savior?


“Father’s Son!”





Throughout the Scriptures

we learn of obedience

of the Son to the Father

proclaimed over and over

doing the Father’s will

never doing His own

choosing to be as one

as we’re commanded

to become as one too

as the Father and Son

we to them can be also

thus the mission known

the Only Begotten Son

our Elder Brother calling

to each of us the same

to become as them

thus to live with them

with our families loved

eternal and forever

this lesson taught

from the Father’s Son!


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Home Teaching December 2013

Home Teaching Message December 2013:
Family and Friends Forever
Wherever you live, you have friends who are searching for the greater happiness you have found in living the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. They may not be able to describe that happiness in words, but they can recognize it when they see it in your life. They will be eager to learn the source of that happiness, especially when they see that you face trials just as they do.
You have felt happiness as you have kept the commandments of God. That is the promised fruit of living the gospel (see Mosiah 2:41). You don’t faithfully obey the Lord’s commandments to be seen by other people, but those who observe your happiness are being prepared by the Lord to hear the good news of the Restoration of the gospel.
The blessings you have been given have created obligations and wonderful opportunities for you. As a covenant disciple of Jesus Christ, you are obligated to extend to others an opportunity to find increased happiness, especially to your friends and the members of your family.
The Lord saw your opportunity and described your obligation with this commandment: “It becometh every man who hath been warned to warn his neighbor” (D&C 88:81).
The Lord makes that commandment easier to obey through the change that occurs in your heart as you accept and live the gospel of Jesus Christ. As a result, your love for others grows, as does your desire for them to have the same happiness you have experienced.
One example of that change is how you welcome the chance to help in the Lord’s missionary work. Full-time missionaries soon learn they can expect from a true convert a warm response to a request for a referral. The convert yearns for friends and family members to share in their happiness.
When your ward mission leader or the missionaries ask for the names of someone to teach, it is a great compliment to you. They know that friends have seen your happiness and, therefore, those friends have been prepared to hear and choose to accept the gospel. And they have confidence that you will be the friend they will need as they come into the kingdom.
You need not fear that you will lose friends by inviting the missionaries to meet them. I have friends who rejected the missionaries but have thanked me over many years for offering them something they knew was so precious to me. You can make friends forever by offering the gospel, which they see has brought you happiness. Never miss an opportunity to invite a friend and especially a family member to choose to follow the plan of happiness.
There is no greater opportunity for that invitation than in the temples of the Church. There the Lord can offer the ordinances of salvation to our ancestors who could not receive them in life. They look down upon you with love and hope. The Lord has promised that they will have the opportunity to come into His kingdom (see D&C 137:7–8), and He has planted a love for them in your heart.
Many of you have felt joy in offering the ordinances of the temple to others, just as you do when you give names of people to the missionaries to meet. You have felt even greater joy performing ordinances for your ancestors. It was revealed to the Prophet Joseph Smith that our eternal happiness is possible only if we offer the way to that blessing to our ancestors through vicarious temple ordinances (see D&C 128:18).
Christmastime turns our hearts to the Savior and to the joy His gospel has brought us. We show our gratitude to Him best as we offer that happiness to others. Gratitude is turned to joy as we offer names to missionaries and as we take the names of our ancestors to the temple. That evidence of our gratitude can make friends and families that endure forever.

Teaching from This Message

President Eyring explains that we can show our gratitude for the Savior by sharing the gospel with others. You could discuss with those you teach how the gift of the gospel has blessed their lives. Consider inviting them to prayerfully identify those with whom they wish to share the gift of the gospel and how they might do so.

Share Your Testimony

You could share the gift of the gospel this Christmas by giving a friend or neighbor a copy of the Book of Mormon with your testimony written inside. Follow these steps to get it ready:
1.    On a piece of paper, measure a rectangle about 4½ x 6½ inches (11½ x 16½ cm) and have an adult help you cut it out.
2.    Add a picture of yourself—either a drawing or a photograph—at the top of the page.
3.    Write your testimony under your picture.
4.    Have an adult help you attach the paper to the inside cover of the Book of Mormon.

Could I Share a Book of Mormon?

By Josh Arnett
The author lives in Washington, USA.
During my first year of high school, my seminary teacher invited my class to give copies of the Book of Mormon to nonmember friends. Even though I was incredibly timid, I accepted the invitation.
It took me a couple of days to build up the courage, but I eventually gave my friend Britny the book during lunch hour and bore a brief testimony. Britny thanked me for the book.
At the end of that school year, Britny moved, but we kept in touch. She told me about her new school and how almost all her friends were members of the Church, but she never talked about anything spiritual with me.
That changed before I left for my mission. I got a message from Britny saying she had big news for me: she was going to be baptized, and she wanted to thank me for being her friend and setting a good example.
God took a shy 15-year-old boy with no missionary experience and directed him to share the gospel with someone He knew would accept it. I know that by listening to the Spirit, we can all find people around us who are waiting to learn about the restored gospel. I know that if we help bring even one person to the Lord, “how great shall be [our] joy with him [or her] in the kingdom of [our] Father!” (D&C 18:15).
“Eternal Friendships”
Extending before time known
going into the eternities of forever
without beginnings or endings
eternal found within comprehension
understanding the Gospel Plan
knowing of the truth of God’s Plan
literally believing the Father and Son
harkening to the messages therein
where Prophets and Apostles spoke
before, present and in the future
all messages eternally to be taken
families, friends, all in mortality
when worthiness is found present
eternal friendships transcending
families sealed – eternal the family
going into through the veil as one
extending long after mortality gone!
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November 29, 2013

“Without Merit" (short essay)

“Without Merit (or how bad will things get in our world and how quickly)”  cji 11/30/13
How bad will things get in this our world? Many don’t feel anything is even wrong or that society and civilization is in any danger. They have no feelings towards values, morality, virtue, honesty, truth-telling or anything else which the Scriptures hold as uplifting and of eternal worth. When one has little or no belief in Heavenly Father or his Son and our Savior Jesus Christ – what they think or do will have little effect on their well-being or society.
Thus in what some can perceive as a downward spiral of our society will continue unabated until there is little left other than greed, lust, avarice, gluttony, selfishness, dishonesty and worse; which will all be considered the norm (and in many parts of the world these are already the norm). Our youth have been bombarded since the early 1960’s and even long before with immorality as a way of life. Inclusive now are drugs which demean and destroy anyone in which they come in contact with.
There are two most serious attacks on society – both of which have been around since the days preceding the great flood – and have continued ever since; 1) Sexual Immorality and 2) Shedding of Innocent Blood!  The Federal Government of the United States is openly advertising for immorality in their pushing of Obamacare and free contraceptives. The entertainment world has had immorality at the center stage from the beginning of being allowed to perform. Music, literature and art have always sought to present (with public acceptance) immorality.
As for shedding of innocent blood – this occurs daily in greater and greater numbers – within homes, schools, neighborhoods and other venues which expose the innocent to the cruelties of the present day world. Rape, date-rape, sexual abuse all steal innocence from infants to adults. Shootings, knifings, baseball batting people are all forms to take lives of others many times unknown to the murderers. We’ve a nation which arms terrorists and criminals while disarming the honest citizen and/or arrest them when they defend themselves. Police are now killing more citizens for the least excusable reasons and being justified by the courts in doing so.
Further the family has been under attack since the days of Cain and Able – for to destroy the family is to destroy the Plan of Salvation which was voted on by each of us in the Pre-existence. This Plan which was to have families intact return to the presence of the Father and the Son after passing our mortal probation. The needs to meet this Plan require the Church of Jesus Christ to be upon the earth – with all the authority, keys, Priesthood, Temples and the ordinances and covenants of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. While the majority of the population of our present world will never have the opportunity to hear this Gospel (they all will in the millennium) many who do hear or know of it – reject this plain and simple truth of the Restoration in these latter-days. Most are all good people – many are very good people – but still and all for the world at this time very few respond when they’re called.
Most have the belief they’re Saved – which this includes everyone who’s ever come to this earth and received a mortal body – for the Atonement was for ‘all’ (none excluded who lived at some point in mortality). Being ‘Saved’ is only the beginning and not the end – there is much more for each individual to do for eternal life with a physical body of flesh and bone. Most are never taught this – as the Creeds of men/women omit that this is even a remote possibility. In addition, they’re taught there’s either a Heaven or a Hell – one or the other with nothing in-between. Thus in failing to read the Scriptures literally – cover to cover – Old and New Testament – they fail to apply common-sense to what is taught within their pages which tell a much different story. Paul speaks of three different Kingdoms – John does also – as do many of the Prophets – and the Savior taught of mansions being prepared for those who follow him and keep all of the commandments – being sealed here on earth – therefore to be sealed in Heaven. While those not sealed in this lifetime having been able to learn of His Gospel – will not be sealed in Heaven. (Note: this does not apply to those who’ve never heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ taught while in mortality.)
Thus the worldly have taken the shedding of innocent blood to a different level in that teaching doctrine different from the Scriptures – with their rhetoric/guile and convincing most all that there is nothing more than what they teach. i.e. 5% Scripture and 95% Greek Philosophy or the Philosophy of men/women.  Thus in our world today the wicked prevail for if there is nothing more than what is being taught by all (but one church) then there is not much reason to seek the further knowledge and light promised within the Scriptures.
One need only to reflect on what loves men and women have today: sports; toys; pleasure; drugs; possessions; money; power and other worldly things – while having no need for other than a sprinkling of religion and then only on a not-to-interfere with their worldly loves. The most common excuse is that everyone is doing what they’re doing – listening to the music – going to the movies – playing games – cheating a little – lying a little – stealing a little – sinning a little and keeping only those commandments which are convenient.
Therefore things will continue to get more wicked/worse - as it will appear to those who’re the more righteous (study and ponder the Scriptures literally) - but all will be in Father's time - everyone will have to choose a side - there will be no excuses - and many who think they're on one side might find out they're not - the saying, "What you do is more important than what you say you do!" - everyone pause to ponder which side they’re on. Much can be done for some – but not much can be done for the majority – for when one is beyond feeling it is difficult to teach truth. 
Frustration overcomes me when writing such as that above – knowing that it’ll be pushed aside – being without merit – and therefore of little worth. c/ork
“Without Merit”
Going into the vacuum dark
senses immobilized unfeeling
hanging in shapelessness
unable to hear or even speak
thinking and reasoning mute
having turned off innerness
allowing only outwardness
noises and clanging chaos
having merit without merit
a vacuum dark going into!
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November 28, 2013


Going into the fields planted
having cultivated all summer
weeding and watering in need
careful of the harvest to come
sometimes leaving the weeds
fearing killing the good plants
till in the harvest time to begin
separating the good from bad
some upon the trashing floor
others in the bins of labors
harvesting only the best/pure
stocking the storehouses full
some years to be very good
others to be lean and hard
yet coming the eternal day
when the harvest is done
having cultivated in mortality
the sickle put to rest today
burning the trash and bad
the fields no longer there!
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