March 22, 2018




How inanimate items showoff
once alive as a tree known
graceful swaying in the winds
then in maturity struck down
striped of branches and loaded
logging trucks carrying away
then a transferring process
once living now inanimate
some showing off drawings
others becoming classics
many flower arrangements
so many seen as nests
of course there’s opposite
a Kleenex for blowing noses
yet even worse fates known
to be a piece of toilet paper
while pretty low on ladder
still personalities to show
their favorite is to escape
rolling across the floors
having to be captured
rerolled and then off again
even more fun enticing
a small child into running
trailing it behind all over
how inanimate items showoff!

Copyright © 2018 – cji

March 21, 2018

"More Dearly"

“More Dearly”


Is it when we begin
or rather as we age
needing nourishment
or able to give such
when do we love
more dearly in life
as the child young
or the child old
each commanded
becoming as a child
more dearly do we love?

Copyright © 2018 – cji

"Dino-Birthday Tristan"

“Dino-Birthday Tristan”


To be five years old
growing and knowing
identifying dinosaurs
even different sharks
watching deer in yard
but most of all happys
about his family/friends
for his dogs and home
games to play to learn
sister to read to him
this 5th birthday was dino
best of all with family
wishing and caring
allowing him to share
to be five years old!

Copyright © 2018 – cji




It was silent peace
whether grief sorrow
closeness in life
then in the quietness
families close felt
quite understanding
unsure of the why’s
life within our life
tenderness remembered
all else now in the past
missing one then two
while all the time one
as Father intended
becoming as one
as He and His Son
we too are to be
within grief sorrow
closeness in life
then in the quietness!

Copyright © 2018 – cji

March 20, 2018

"So Much Less"

"So Much Less"
Gathering in the goodness
feeling the warmth within
finding softness and tears
wandering in the distance
so much less found needed
just love, sharing, caring
seemingly once wanting more
non-comprehending importance
find the right blend so small
simple carefully woven now
when harvesting the fields
gathering in the goodness!
Copyright © 2018 – cji

"Ridge Running"

“Ridge Running”


Amid snow ice slush
ridges forming quick
temperature changes
shade to sunshine
morning to the evening
risking the edges oft
catching ski edges
ridge running today
every day on the edge
snow ice slush
darkness and light
freezing and thawing
good mixed in evil
one’s mind transfixed!

Copyright © 2018 – cji

March 18, 2018

"Little Thoughts"

A woven thought between granddaughter and grandfather - cji/ci

“Little Thoughts”


What’s that in the air
feeling caressing winds
snatching a bit in air
finding a binding
a snowboard there
pondering in the cold
its purpose in life
strapping on feet
slamming on slopes
taken on and off
allowing others control
while all the time
smiling contently
as they carry me about
knowing without me
no speed no control
helping all have fun
knowing this my purpose
when captured in wind
slamming on the snow
little thoughts swarming
me a binding for life!

Copyright © 2018 – cji

March 17, 2018




Only the adversary teaches
theories of impossibility
for with God nothing …
nothing is impossible
all things are possible
keeping Commandments
being a willing servant
to the Father and Son
while satan teaches not
it’s okay to not keep all
to do your own thing
maybe a slap of hand
yet daily and Sabbath
taught by almost all
the impossibility there
of being fully obedient
and that it’s okay to do
not what Father or Son
who teach simply …
‘If you love me –
keep my Commandments!’

Copyright © 2018 – cji

March 16, 2018




Precious resin of scent
Or instead of metal
stones of crystal
which is your choice
mentioned with gold
while there and known
differently understood
trivia within much truth
scholars argue over
ignoring the literal
which can save lives
eternal and forever
simple words written
bdellium and others
while missing the easy
leading to Salvation!

Copyright © 2018 – cji

March 15, 2018

"In Our Hearts"

“In Our Hearts”


Strange feelings as a stranger
finding lost moments hidden
digging into the realms there
dreams once thoughts afar
then one day found here
star systems multiplying
distance from home growing
longer here away longer there
in our hearts we know this
strangers here far from home
remembering once there now
wondering how long away?

Copyright © 2018 – cji

March 14, 2018

"Inch by Inch"

“Inch by Inch”


Blackness moving seemingly not
closer and closer quiet within sound
neither a whisper of grass/soil
breath kept beyond silent
only the slither known to one
two as if one in thought now
each with their mission felt
lightless the night then bright
search lights penetrating
inch by inch with movement
buried in the earth closer
cutting wire so carefully
one strand caught anchored
next and next till five in total
timing the guards lights
planting the explosives
first one then ten total
within the compound fully
still blending quietly slowly
knowing the layout minutely
service dog and soldier
still as one in the darkness
till all hell breaks loose
command given mortars
guard houses falling
explosions going off
opening compound doors
cells quickly opened
back the way they came
brothers and sisters as one
no longer inch by inch
through the fences breeched
into the night away and free
none missed none injured
the compound no longer
helos lifting off and away
blackness moving seemingly not
farther and farther quiet within sound

Copyright © 2018 – cji

March 13, 2018

"Pushing Wrong Ways"

“Pushing Wrong Ways”


‘Your Honor!’
and on and on
denying – lying
pointing at me
pushing – pushing
wrong – wrong
ways – ways
heating the flames
scorching the irons
inciting within
trembling in fear
not for them
but from within
unleashing pain
anger clashing
thundering skies
blackened hearts
souls vanquished
this then the who
this then the why
ask no more
you’ve asked
too much
giving nothing
taking – taking
indeed to anger
violence beyond
comprehending not
‘your honor’ …!

Copyright © 2018 – cji

March 12, 2018

"A Non-Living Thing"

“A Non-Living Thing”


Thought to be a thing
whether a snowflake
raindrop or ice or…
each have a mission
being we’re water
teardrops salty
waves to surf
allowing all living
surviving enduring
called by science
a non-living thing
tell that to Frosty
or old Jack Frost
or a child catching
one snowflake one
interesting isn’t it
a non-living thing
so all life can live!

Copyright © 2018 – cji