March 26, 2017

"Preaching and Administering"

“Preaching and Administering”


When one has been given
authority to act in His name
the Savior calls and sustains
to the preaching of the truth
administering the ordinances
spreading the Gospel to all
calling all to repentance
come home to the Gospel
come home to the Savior
learning of the Atonement
preaching and administering!

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"Laying on of Hands" (by Authority)

“Laying on of Hands”
(by Authority)


As the Savior his Apostles
laid hands upon each one
today it is the same authority
callings, blessings, ordinations
each done as been directed
each done by one authorized
blessings of infant children
baptism – confirmations
priesthood blessings of sick
all ordinances of the Gospel
done as by the Savior
laying on of hands authorized!

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"By Prophecy"

“By Prophecy”


Prophecy means revelations
revelations mean conversations
conversations mean two sides
all of which means heavens open
not closed as taught by most
God has not forgotten us
same yesterday today tomorrow
eternally the same and always
thus by prophecy we’re led
this is the Savior’s Church
revelation thru prophesy
through his anointed
forever and ever eternal!

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"Man Must be Called of God"

“Man Must Be Called of God”


One cannot take upon themselves
the powers of God without authority
that authority only comes from God
any who claim such authority by self
have no authority but that of men
man has called upon themselves
universities or colleges have none
what is it to be called of God
Moses, Abraham, Adam, Isaiah
Noah, Enoch, Malachi, Joel
Peter, James, John, Paul
how many can be counted
clearly defined in Scriptures
until today Joseph Smith, Jr.
Brigham Young, Thomas Monson
man must be called of God
there is no other way – none!

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"Articles of Faith: 5"

“Articles of Faith: 5”

“We believe that a man
must be called of God
by prophecy,
and by the laying on hands
by those who are in authority,
to preach the Gospel
and administer
in the ordinances thereof!

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March 25, 2017

"The Leeward Side of the Boat" (short essay)

"The Leeward Side of the Boat" cji  3/26/17

Once we left the garden - Satan's only plan was to destroy the family - for without the family there is no purpose in this life as the family is the only unit which will be intact on the other side of the veil!

Malachi 4:5 ¶ Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord:

6 And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse. 

While the whole purpose of this life is to return to Heavenly Father having been obedient to all of His Commandments - and one of the first actions taken within the Garden was the marriage of Adam and Eve - which was for time and all eternity (as yet there was no death). Death being described of that of the Spirit - which over the Scriptures this is carefully explained so anyone can understand it.

(Note: for those unable to understand or have been taught differently - Father's Son Jesus the Christ Restored His Church in these latter-days with Prophets and Apostles; the Priesthood of God; Temples; Elijah returning to restore the Keys of Sealing of Husbands and Wives and Families; and so much more ignored by almost all of this Earth's population. Most follow the teachings of men/women - properly trained in the schools of men/women much as were Augustine and Origen (founders of modern Christendom) after the Great Apostasy in the middle of the 2nd Century AD).

Satan rejoices in those who profess a belief but are not obedient to the Commandments - knowing that he's already won them over - knowing if they cannot understand such a simple statement, "If you love me - keep my Commandments" then they truly understand nothing else of importance in the Eternal Plan of Salvation! As for those with no profession of belief - they've already joined him and his minions with their belief in creatio-ex-niliho or nothing. Malachi addresses this in Chapter 3 as do most all of the Prophets found within the Scriptures. Only those worthy trying be found obedient in all things and keeping the covenants they've made with Father and the Son - are worthy to enter into the Sanctuary of the Lord (i.e. His Home on this Earth - the Temple).

Men and women can claim whatever they want - Augustine and Origen understood this and therefore allowed rhetoric to take over the Scriptures - and believe whatever they want - it is their choice - but it doesn’t make it of any value or true for their Eternal Salvation to return and live with Father once more. They teach that neither the Father nor the Son have physical bodies - yet all who've seen them know that they have - Moses, Stephen, Paul, and so many others - from the time of Adam and Eve until today! But men/women would rather believe the person they pay for their religion - or those self-appointed clerics/ministers/priests/rabbi's/lay persons/deacons/ and whatever other names they call themselves. Most are well paid, housed, clothed and can be fired or hired - told what is politically correct and give their preaching to the ears of the deaf - the blind who want not to see and numb without feelings - to satisfy peer pressure and appearances. Sadly many of the very elect - very good people - are led astray by the traditions of their fathers and beguiled into believing there is nothing more. Even the youth are given almost no chance with the chaotic messages of loudness surrounding them with all sorts of temptations - violence - and otherwise an undisciplined social atmosphere of today - while fifty years ago or 100 years ago or even a thousand years ago they said the same of their society. Disobedience - lewdness - lustfulness - has been with us since Cain - and all those who followed Satan from then onward.

We had a word to the wise when sailing if you're going to be sick make sure you're on the leeward side of the boat - the Savior told the Apostles when they met those who could not or would not be taught to shake the dust off of their shoes and go elsewhere to teach. Many times this is how it feels when writing/speaking/communicating with close and dear friends - unable to tell which the leeward side of the boat is. Recently in a discussion with a very devout person - he had been ordained a Catholic Priest - and had since converted to an Eastern Religion - when offered to read the thirteen Articles of Faith refused to do so - in that he had much more education than I did - and I was a fool to believe what I believed. We're still friends socially - however, his mind is closed to anything I've to offer - why - because it is foolishness? Or because if it is true then he'd have to admit he's been fooled by the teachings of men/women? All that I've written or said can be validated in the Scriptures - common sense - and or by the most important way - personal prayer (communications) between each with their Father in heaven with Jesus Christ as the conduit for them. This of course would require Faith - and being worthy to communicate with the Father and the Son prepared for whatever answers come forth (see James 1:4-10) with an open heart and contrite Spirit.

What is offered to all in the Scriptures (all of them) is for anyone who can learn and discern - but ignored for the benefit of peer pressure and to be accepted within the worldly today. The Scriptures teach of Jesus Christ - Eternal Life - Plan of Salvation - Celestial Kingdom and Families! Satan will continue to win and rule over the worldly as long as they choose not to learn of: why they're here; where they came from; and where they will be going after death! Thus, unknowing which is the Leeward Side of the Boat - people use either and despoil the good with the already bad.

As Joshua said, Joshua 24:15 And if it seem evil unto you to serve the Lord, choose you this day whom ye will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell: but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. 

Make your choices wisely – for your Eternal Life will depend upon it – obedience in all things – or only some picking and choosing allowing Satan to have his victory – where full obedience is the only way to defeat him. Remember – if you do make the Celestial Kingdom with your family intact – the highest degree of Glory achievable by man/woman via the Atonement of the Savior – then what have you except what you learned to expect from the teachings of man/woman? Which for some is sufficient rather having what they have here than what they might have as communicated by the Savior and the Prophet’s and Apostles hereafter.

This I leave with you to decide in the name of our Lord and Master – even Jesus the Christ – amen – c/ork

“The Leeward Side of the Boat”


Each Sabbath Day we consider
whence the wind is blowing
therefore to know windward
and to discern the leeward side
allowing for nature to be served
we either welcome what is taught
or we find we reject some or all
the boat is the Church as known
our voyage is booked sure
we come prepared for sailing
to leave the safe harbor to sea
understanding all taught is free
able to abide either railing
if all that’s taught is true
in the Gospel we have grown
hearing the clear clarion call
thus when sails wind is caught
bringing weather we deserved
knowing we’re on Father’s side
seeking a righteous reward
humble contrite knees bowing
Sabbath Day winds to stridor!

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"For Those Who Care"

“For Those Who Care”


Unseen by the many of us
veterans now and then alive
strangers caring and helping
doing what most unknowing
writing, calling, intervening
with the government uncaring
seeking answers of assistance
suicides daily from no answer
twenty or more from uncaring
thus, for those who care
thank you for all you do for us
veterans now and then alive
remaining mostly unseen!

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March 24, 2017

Articles of Faith: 4

Articles of Faith:4 
We believe that the
first principles and 
ordinances of the Gospel are:
first, Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ;
second, Repentance;
third, Baptism by immersion 
for the remission of sins;
fourth, Laying on of hands 

for the gift of the Holy Ghost.

"Fourth - Laying on of Hands"

“Fourth – Laying on of Hands”
(to receive the Holy Ghost)


As found in the New Testament
then as it is now performed
only by those with authority
to give the gift of the Holy Ghost
to be our constant companion
(if we remain worthy in all things)
prompting us to right and wrong
giving us insight to other’s needs
allowing us the constant warmth
found in full obedience to Father
keeping each - all Commandments!

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"Third - Baptism - by Immersion"

“Baptism – by Immersion”
(for the remission of sins)


This baptism done by authority
ordained not by man/woman
but those ordained by God
called by Prophets/Apostles
having the key of His Gospel
to act in His behalf for us
performing eternal ordinances
allowing us into the garden/vineyard
Baptism is the key for all other
ordinances available this day!

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"Second - Repentance"

“Second – Repentance”


None of us being perfect yet
needing to repent always
providing us a way to improve
to become worthy to be known
as His sons and daughters
able to learn/discern more truth
finding Zion’s road to travel
while in this life to the eternal!

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"First - Faith in Jesus Christ"

“First – Faith in Jesus Christ”


Throughout all of the Scriptures
found always is the Son of God
known as Jesus the Christ our Lord
he is our Savior-Lord and Master
the creator of this world we live
and of all things needful to live
mortal probation is our task today
His Atonement for our Salvation
requiring our faith in Him always!

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"First Principles"

“First Principles”


Every belief system has a foundation
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day
Saints – (Mormons) has basic ones too
therefore one has a firm foundation;

Knowing where the bed-rock is found
firmly in place for the eternities always
allowing one to make sure choices
within the covenants they’re bound!

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March 23, 2017

Moses 4:2-4

Moses 4:2 But, behold, my Beloved Son, which was my Beloved and Chosen from the beginning, said unto me—Father, thy will be done, and the glory be thine forever.
3 Wherefore, because that Satan rebelled against me, and sought to destroy the agency of man, which I, the Lord God, had given him, and also, that I should give unto him mine own power; by the power of mine Only Begotten, I caused that he should be cast down;

4 And he became Satan, yea, even the devil, the father of all lies, to deceive and to blind men, and to lead them captive at his will, even as many as would not hearken unto my voice.




Lower and lower into the mud
gators and crocodiles all about
venomous snakes and spiders
unsafe for anyone-everyone
gathering an immunity within
becoming without feelings
unable to hear or heed warning
seeing nothing but their lusts
surely Satan has won many
many more than even know!

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"Seduction of the Masses"

“Seduction of Masses”


Only where one has freedoms
(i.e. God’s Law-Constitution)
can seduction of logismoi gain
masses following easier ways
blaming others for their offences
gaining wealth, power by theft
seeking entitlements not earned
illegally screaming and shouting
taking away other’s rights always
seduction of the masses – mobs
refusing to obey or understand
giving away the gift of eternal life!

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"Without Agency"

“Without Agency”


How deaf and dumb some are
from the beginning rebelled
defying the Plan of Salvation
agency given to man/woman
making choices of right/wrong
selling souls for price of a song
never thinking to understand
Satan removing all liability
destroying all in his revolution
socialism-liberalism compelled
humankind hoping to fully disbar!

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