September 25, 2017

"Killing Cousins"

“Killing Cousins”


Somewhere within humans
a desire to murder/kill
even from the day of Cain
today it’s found in cities
towns, counties, states
throughout the world
wars and rumors of war
street fights now popular
drive by shootings as well
killing cousins and others
having others praise them
protesting the nation’s flag
protesting the policeperson
protesting in wrong places
there’s no one educating
the why of profiling there
the greater % of criminals
the greater the profiling
ambushing innocents
puts everyone on guard
whether ever the color
division produces hate
stepping up to educate
getting the gangs to stop
teaching about love
talking not demanding
truth not political correctness
killing cousins endlessly
where humans animals
this desire to murder
not out of a need
but out of pure lusts
no longer humans to be
a killing cousin herd!

Copyright © 2017 – cji

“Seems like sports heroes are deaf and don’t care except what they want to hear – they’ve put their line in the dust – swaying millions without merit – going about it in the wrong way – they need to be in the inner-cities helping those who’ve lost their way and thus making anyone who is similar to them a potential friend of theirs and thus a potential person of interest to the police who are being killed by any and all – for the past eight years under the protection of the last administration and some who are still in office in many of the urban inner-cities. Unless the killing of police stops and the rioting stops – and the slanderous name calling by these candy fed athletes. The media loves it and therefore encourage anything which will destroy this nation – the Constitution – and our current president.”  cji 9/25/17

September 24, 2017

"How's It Going to End" (Epilogue)

“How’s It Going to End”


When one studies history
one either learns or loses
throughout history conflicts
instigated by others
pitting brother to brother
sister to sister as well
family to family always
to do away with instigators
getting down the face to face
bringing sides together
communicating fully
understanding each other
to learn and to grow
studying history to learn!)

Copyright © 2017 – cji

(5) "Thoughts"

Starting with respect
one for the other always
respect for a nation
which allows protest
giving freedom’s rights
honor the flag of choice
honor each’s point of view
seeking to find solution
not inciting more hatred
not fining one or the other
allowing each to present
but first to honor flag
honoring the nation
seeking for mutual love
for we’re commanded
to love all–no exceptions
starting with respect!
Copyright © 2017 – cji

"What to Do"

“What to Do”
Frustrated and ignored
wanting to find fairness
undo the wrongness
however not forgetting
innocent blacks/whites
both being murdered
black cops/white cops
mistaken or just fear
afraid of facing a criminal
thus to see all the same
what to do to change
so much engrained
two views/two differences
engorging the hatred
frustrated and ignored!
Copyright © 2017 – cji

(3) "What's It Like"

“What’s It Like”
One a routine check
one with weapons
one unassuming
one scared to death
every time driving
every time seeing
police patrolling
targeted stopped
to be really afraid
not what I’ve done
just because of others
criminals – druggies
fitting a profile of hate
too many bad cops
too many bad people
so few good cops
what’s it like to live
inciting protests
protecting the innocent
unfortunately the bad too!
Copyright © 2017 – cji

(2) "I'm Black"

“I’m Black”
Gun pulled and pointed
or at least by the leg
asking license/insurance
showing both wondering
‘why was I pulled over’
then comes the excuses
‘following, looking suspicious’
others similar but lies
I’d done nothing wrong
but had a gun pointed
one wrong movement
I’d be dead – and why
because I was Black!

Copyright © 2017 – cji

(1) "Your White"

“Your White”
No gun pulled/pointed
asking license/insurance
showing both wondering
‘why was I pulled over’
‘routine stop-nothing more’
told to go on my way
traffic stop is over
no gun pulled/pointed!
Copyright © 2017 – cji

"What It's All About" (Prologue)

“What It’s All About”


We each get pulled over
having done nothing wrong
police get out of their car
sometimes one or more
sometimes with guns drawn
sometimes gun in holster
sometimes gun pointed
at yours or my head
why one not the other
skin color the difference!)

Copyright © 2017 – cji

"Gold Star Mother's Day"

“Gold Star Mother’s Day”


Today we honor the few
Gold star Mother’s Day
those who’ve sacrificed
daughters and sons
(some husbands)
feeling loss and sorrow
while also understanding
why this occurred to them
knowing of the eternities
sacrificing in pure love!

Copyright © 2017 – cji

"These Most Elect" (Epilogue)

“These Most Elect”


Can we understand such love
Father and Son so caring
protecting these most elect
who led many of us then
now teaching us more
love at the center always
in the pre-existence to lead
now allowing us care
each giving allowing us too
can we understand such love!)

Copyright © 2017 – cji

(3) "Birth Defects"

“Birth Defects”
Coming in all ways/kinds
spina bifida, anencephaly
Down’s syndrome
congenital heart defects
so many too many
some for the generals
some for the captains
some for  lieutenants
some for the SNCO’s
ways of protection
giving strength to many
known only to a few!

Copyright © 2017 – cji

(2) "Leaders"

Leaders in pre-existence
known men and women
especially to satan
therefore to protect them
needing a mortal body
coming where untouchable
unable to be tempted
allowing them to safe
given to good families
understanding their needs
all to teach other’s lessons
some not so good homes
but still safe and secure
protected by Father/Son
leaders in pre-existence!

Copyright © 2017 – cji

(1) "Picking Sides"

“Picking Sides”
Long ago a big battle
billions involved fully
others fence sitters
we had great leaders
our 1/3 of Father’s side
well known these leaders
satan’s leaders forgotten
never receiving a body
the other 1/3 fencers
today found as criminals
politicians lawyers and such
those who have no rules
except what they make
murderers thief’s bankers*
sides picked and then
now some good found
politicians lawyers bankers
(just be careful choosing)
long ago a big battle
in the pre-existence
 which most don’t believe!

(*Understand there are
very good lawyers, bankers
and politicians - just today
as in the Savior's day
many are a problem)

Copyright © 2017 – cji

"The Most Elect" (Prologue)

“The Most Elect”


Able to recognize them
seeing them where going
many looking away blind
infants small children
some even adults today
some having died at birth
some shortly afterwards
these born with defects
some more serious
some less serious
still and the same
life changing problems
these the most elect!)

Copyright © 2017 – cji

September 23, 2017

"Two Edged Sword"

“Two Edged Sword”


This is the Sabbath Day
the Day of the Lord our God
fence sitting no longer option
deciding whose side to be on
think of Samuel Scripture
‘for me on the Lord’s side’
understand the Word
splitting asunder all within
and all without a chance
except keeping Commandments
all of them – all the time
sadly most don’t discern
while the Savior discerns
even our deepest thoughts
what then are your intents
awaiting a two-edged sword!

Doctrine and Covenants 33:1 Behold, I say unto you, my servants (put your name in here) and (your best friend), open ye your ears and hearken to the voice of the Lord your God, whose Word is quick and powerful, sharper than a two-edged sword, to the dividing asunder of the joints and marrow, soul and spirit; and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.  (See Amos 4:13)

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