June 20, 2018

"Sinking Away"

“Sinking Away”


Spirits raised so high
then sinking away
grasping the brass ring
having it slip away
feeling the fresh air
a stench taking it away
life with its ups
then it drowns away
fragile so is life
then taken away!

Copyright © 2018 – cji

June 19, 2018




A nation found adrift
contention – dissension
planned and paid for
treason within of many
power greed wealth
thinking they’re power
while simply puppets
satan playing the tune
hating everything alive
disrupting Father’s plan
making fake the truth
deciding fates for others
denying eternal life
without values honor
night time in view!

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June 18, 2018




Small movements
catch them quickly
quiet not to scare
moments to share
whispers quietly
special moments!

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June 17, 2018

"Where One"

“Where One”


Where one is there
timing absolute luck
catching scenes quick
memories forever caught
images able to share
nature’s finest there
in our minds wrought
then forever to stick
on the film thus stuck
where one is there!

Copyright © 2018 – cji

"43rd Anniversary"

“43rd Anniversary”


Scriptures quite clear
marriage is eternal
cultures of the past
understood quite well
many a simple word
‘Forever’ all was spoken
thus 43 years ago
our covenant made
within the Temple holy
Sanctuary of the Lord
Joyce and I to be one
Marc-Charles sealed
as we had understood
love is eternal forever
as is the family one
Morgen BIC* with us
thus in time generations
celebrate our 43rd
for time and all eternity!

Copyright © 2018 – cji

*Born in the Covenant

June 16, 2018

"Father's Day" (literally)

“Father’s Day”


This is the Sabbath Day
thus it is also Father’s Day
did you think to kneel and pray
on your knees humbly to stay;

Did you open your Scriptures
reading, pondering the rules
or playing like the other fools
missing out Father’s schools;

Father’s Day literally today
in our studies now to stay
honoring families to pray
our eternal course to stay!

Copyright © 2018 – cji

June 15, 2018

"Living in Lies"

“Living in Lies”


We’ve a nation/world
living in lies of deceit
pretending to good
while in violation of law
matters not what laws
getting away with it
emboldens greater lies
living together not married
serving in congress for greed
being in law enforcement
committing fraud especially
running for public office
while transgressing God’s law
without regard to Constitution
living in lies then to be upset
when caught and let free
because of friends there
swimming with you in mud
wondering why Americans
look and wonder of the why
none casting the first stone!

Copyright © 2016 – cji

June 14, 2018

"Flying Free"

“Flying Free”


What is it about freedom
begged for by most all
abused most of all today
by those who have it
demanding more and more
while without accountability
violated human rights
desecrating God’s laws
grounded in the muds
while those who honor it
flying free into the heavens!

Copyright © 2016 – cji

June 13, 2018

"Which Flag"

“Which Flag”


Which flag flies today
is it the red/white/blue
with stars in the blue field
or is it another unknown
to either freedom or laws
does it fight against America
is it demanding false gods
which flag is flying today
do you know do you care
this flag this flag day
which flag do you fly?

Copyright © 2016 – cji


June 12, 2018




One’s word
a handshake
how different
honesty found
over dishonesty
obligated always
to the truth
or to nothing!

Copyright © 2018 – cji

June 11, 2018

"Is It So? 2"

“Is It So? 2”


"Is it so" seems to be.
World changes, no permission from me.
Born one way but act another,
Good is bad, bad the other.” cn

Isaiah knew all of this to come
knowing all to be unwelcome
treading playing false gods often
minds wickedly beat to soften;

Is it so 2 remember each day
where evil decides to play
when goodness is so lost
terrible is our mortal cost!

Copyright © 2018 – cji

June 10, 2018

"Is It So?"

“Is It So?”


Recovering from sleep
finding so much change
women as men as women
humans as transmutations
coming from nothing as is
beliefs beyond understanding
misrepresentations of truth
common sense abandoned
is it so what I’ve awakened
all shades of disbelief
guilty walking freely
innocent behind bars
awakening into a hell
while knowing of mirrors
that what I see is wrong
knowing I’ve to endure
holding fast to the rod
the word of God forever
recovering from sleep!

Copyright © 2018 – cji

June 9, 2018

"Sunday is the Sabbath"

“Sunday is the Sabbath”


Does that mean anything
anything at all to anyone
has the world forgotten
the preexistence-families
covenants made eternally
falling into philosophy’s trap
men or women’s religion
Sunday is the Sabbath
the Lord’s Day – for us
giving His Son – for us
wake up – wake up
or sleep eternally!

Copyright © 2018 – cji

"Thoughts of Sharing"

“Thoughts of Sharing”


Needing peace and wonder
thoughts of sharing found
ways to smooth rough times
able to capture loveliness
moments of reflection here
holding our memories near
taking away worldly fear
thoughts of sharing dear!

Copyright © 2018 – cji

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June 8, 2018

"Caring Often"

“Caring Often”


Opening one’s heart
Doing their part;

Caring often shown
Loving life known;

Understanding love
In light from above;

Are we too so found
Within mortality bound?

Copyright © 2018 – cji

June 7, 2018




How could it happen
people can read
they can see
they used to feel
they hear most
failing to understand
unwilling to acknowledge
forgetting who they are
of royal lineage
now but animals
evolution from nothing
without beliefs
nothing matters
what lies are told
how could it happen
failing to see truth
failing to hear truth
failing to feel truth
failing to become!

Copyright © 2016 – cji

June 6, 2018




Pretending to be truthful
obligated to party line
no matter how absurd
without common sense
demanding all lock step
racking the stocks/locks
parading intelligence
meaningless rhetoric
obligated to party line
pretending to be truthful!

Copyright © 2018 – cji

June 5, 2018




Thought to have occurred
early in 1942 desired
yet Sir Winston knowingly
landings are dangerous
especially with raw troops
so Africa came first
then into Sicily/Italy
finally France’s turn
experienced troops
enough equipment
intelligence better
thus D-Day proceeded
landings in Europe
some more to come
in the South Pacific
costly in living blood
occurring on this day!

Copyright © 2018 – cji

June 4, 2018

"This Day"

* June 6, 1944 - planned for this day
“This Day”


Marring history always
dates and mortal memories
this battle here and there
fields and seas and nations
men/women lay dead
some raped and/or maimed
some hung for war crimes
others being patriots
innocent civilians losers
fields ruined and crops
homes burned or bombed
cities destroyed all for what
days in history remembered
wars glorified no reason
other than human shame
harkening to adversary
ignoring the Commandments
this day one of the many
D-Day known in history!

Copyright © 2018 – cji