October 24, 2019

"Sacred Places"

Sacred Places
cji 2019-10-20

Always the Temple first.
If you are unable to attend
then, Stake Centers.
Or even,
your meeting house,
your home,
Or even,
a small place in a room,
as Elders come
to administer the sacrament,
At my sickbed.
Sacred places
the Sanctuary of the Lord
is found.

Copyright © 2019 – cji

some news

This old body has been hit a couple more body blows – trying to work around them but in the past six months gone from being mobile to almost bed ridden or maybe a comfortable chair. Outside of hospital stays will leave home for the first to go to a doctors.

The Sabbath Day Poem will be the last for a while – it marked some 1400+ continuous Sabbath Days. The others may come from time to time if strength builds up.

Thank you  - and love you all - chuck

October 19, 2019

"Just in Case"

“Just in Case”


Knowing coming closer
able to leave this visit
been adventurous stay
but to be on my way
knowing only a visit
now I’m a lot closer;

Therefore if it happens
all who receive this
will be told of this
when is so happens!

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"3000+ Writings"

“3000+ Writings”


1960-1985 there
waiting in boxes
some typed some not
streams of thought
needed to be scanned
some type by who
boxes of writing
who if anyone to do?

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"Written - Unread"

“Written – Unread”


If something was written
But never read
Was it written still?

If something was said
But never heard
Was it still said at all?

Can it be written/said
As new today
Found to be shared?

Copyright © 2019 – cji

October 16, 2019

"Duffel Bags"

Duffel Bags”


Dumpy and lumpy
useless for anything
yet always around
laying under trees
when work to be done
slothful and indolent
first in line for chow
garret solders
at inspections
still dumpy and lumpy
duffel bags in life!

Copyright © 2019 – cji

"Black Satin Ice"

“Black Satin Ice”


Viewing from the knoll
splendor almost unreal
walking to the shore
ice meeting ice
one side crusted
the other silk smooth
started to walk
what was black
turned all colors
of fire and light
intense in profusion
walking on for a bit
noticing no horizon
turning around quick
seeing the shore line
in the distance
returning still embraced
till once more standing
on the black satin ice!

Copyright © 2019 – cji

October 14, 2019

"One More - One More"

“One More – One More”


Just one more, please
the words are there
the effort expended
no longer fun-exciting
sixty plus years of writing
why so hard just one more
exhausted just to sit up
the computer random space
calling out one more-one more!

(understand they’re written
In my mind – it’s going from
One place to the other)

Copyright © 2019 – cji




Sitting enjoying time
Cleo and I together
fun times this week
even a dog show
we won a prize
arriving late we came
full of mud and wet
judges awarded
‘most like a dog’
nice to reflect
Grandpa Bill
would’ve been happy
even thinking
Cleo looks around
then at me
saying with her eyes
you’re remembering!

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October 13, 2019

Four Strangers

Writing everyday, just not on the computer. c/ork

“Four Strangers”

Four Strangers
It’s the Sabbath Day
Which will you meet
Nice elderly men
Children will love them
Across the world
They all attend
Various meeting houses
Most often each alone
Have you met them?
Have you greeted them?
For these are the four who linger
The three Nephites and the Beloved John!

October 10, 2019




So sure no doubt
question if you will
but what’s written
is the truth eternal
Jesus is the Son
Heavenly Father
Is the Father eternal

Copyright © 2019 – cji

October 9, 2019

"Greatest Leakers"

“Greatest Leakers”


A Congress critter
msm reporter
WW2 Fleet Pacific
wartime briefing
highest security
simple message
to the enemy
‘not deep enough’
‘not big enough’
ten subs lost
800 lives at sea
why didn’t the fleet
tell the subs?

Copyright © 2019 – cji

October 8, 2019

"October Whistles"

“October Whistles”


Eerie sounds
glens to dales
peaks to valleys
streams to rivers
October whistles
those long dead
not by guns/knives
fire, hatred, anger
locked in churches
sanctuaries each
torched and fired
around the world
hearing the sounds
each October
reminding all
it’s man that kills
murders, destroys
with weapons at hand!

Copyright © 2019 – cji

October 7, 2019

"To Be More Careful"

“To Be More Careful”


To be more careful
when the plate is full
stress will take a toll
with what we do sow;

Harvest what we sow
to be more careful!

Copyright © 2019 – cji

October 6, 2019




Hearing the church bells
finding our chapel
thus organ playing
soft hymns song
various prayers said
speakers giving talks
closing hymns
a closing prayer
comforting each
on a Sabbath Day!

Copyright © 2019 – cji

October 5, 2019

"Therefore ..."

“Therefore …”


(this will be blank
for each to fill
in what they think
will come next
when a speaker
writer say ‘therefore’
clarity, confusion
what do you think
will follow – therefore?

Copyright © 2019 – cji

October 3, 2019

"One Must Remember"

“One Must Remember”


One must remember
telling those they love
reminding them often
how important this is
found in the warmth
sweetness, safety
on those so close
so very special always
one must remember!

Copyright © 2019 – cji

October 2, 2019

"Falling Bark"

“Falling Bark”


Nero’s martyrs
stripped naked
sent to the arena
facing the beasts
ashamed not
testifying to Father
of their love
while same with trees
falling bark exposing
embarrassing not
nature’s law to live
while how are we
found when stripped
as the martyr or tree
or guilty in the world?

Copyright © 2019 – cji

"Thinking What"

“Thinking What”


For when a star
shines brightly
we think not
of it dying
but of the splendor
of it giving
we wonder
at a newborn
thinking not
of the responsibility
we are given!

Copyright © 2019 – cji

October 1, 2019

"We Whisper - We Shout"

“We Whisper – We Shout”


We whisper
we love you
we shout
I hate you;

One in tenderness
in thoughtfulness
one in anger
in bitterness;

Had they been
but reversed
and you I
but not;

I love you
shouted angerly
I hate you
in a whisper;

Would will still
be angry
and not bitter
but thoughtful;

To think of
that which hurts
and not regret
that which heals!

Copyright © 2019 – cji

September 30, 2019

"Ministering" 10/1/19

October 2019 General Conference
·         OCTOBER 5-6, 2019
October 5-6, 2019

“Do the Right Thing for the Right Reason, at the Right Time and in the Right Place”
(Personal Thoughts)


Over the past some 30 years I’ve sent out various talks by the General Authorities as either Home Teaching/Visiting Teaching or Ministering messages. Going to alter that today – with understandings I’ve gained over the years. It will not be politically correct nor pleasing the ears of some. Like Laban and Lemuel, we’ve to hear some hard things for some and quite easy for others. It will ramble as my stream of thought isn’t quite where it used to be.

What is the right reason, time or place! It’s where we should be found always in obedience with the will of the Father and the Son. To do this we’ve been instructed – Love the Father – and the Son – meaning to keep all of their Commandments. We’re to love ourselves and our neighbors as ourselves. We’re to be found as James 1:27 and multiple other scriptures such as Isaiah.

Why bring this up – because the world is a wicked place – currently the complete elected officials of the Democratic Party stand united in not believing in God – the Constitution – the Presidency – our Freedoms – and tell us this daily. Believe me the other political parties aren’t much better. Why this in a ministering message – because too many of us with the world – confused and upset with what is going on – and the only way it will change if we change ourselves out of this secular world.

As of last year there were over 16 million members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints – worldwide. This is important as only an active member of the Church can hold a Temple Recommend and only a Temple Recommend can get you into the Celestial Kingdom to live again with our Father and Son and our eternal families. The family is the only unit (includes all singles) which is spoken of beyond the veil. Of the 16 million members a very crude guess would less than half (living in the US) and less than half (living outside the US) in inactivity of one kind or another. We’re to remember there are more members of the Church outside the US than within.

If over half are inactive, they do not have a Temple Recommend. For whatever reason – tithing, word of wisdom, Chasity, having been offended, outside activities on the Sabbath Day – it doesn’t matter. Thus, they are doing the Right Things for the right reasons. However, 99% of the world’s population could care less what’s being discussed being confused and misled over 1900 years of lies and rhetoric from the various clergy. Not that everyone doesn’t have a little truth and some much good – but it’s not good enough.

The Father and the Son live eternal laws – never changing – and they are hard and fast – no wavers or excuses. If I could I would have everyone read Isaiah, Paul and James – aloud – personalizing to themselves – no excuses!

The only requirement to be in full activity is to repent – fully of whatever it is we’re in error of. For those who are not members think of the ‘Lord’s Prayer’ – ‘his kingdom come’ – in order for him to come to his kingdom it has to be already here for – which it is – it was restored in the early 1800’s and is blessed with a Prophet and Apostles called by God. Any minister or other church leader who is not called in this way has only worldly authority and none else. They cannot seal either here or in the heavens only marry till death do you part.

Read Malachi the only purpose for this earth is to bring fathers to the sons (mothers/sisters) eternal families. If this is not accomplished then the whole of mortality is wasted. Satan is working overtime (see reference above to political leaders) to destroy the family, religion, God, freedom, virtue and so on. He’s got a leg up over 63 million people voted for one of the most wicked persons in the 2000’s (and 1990’s) – hoping for the free lunch. Which is all they continue to offer without any way of providing such.

So we come back to it – the right thing at the right time, place and reason. Be obedient – fully – if you can’t be willingly force yourself to – and then it’ll be easier to do it willingly. Why? Your eternal life depends on it – read the Scriptures – literally. If this isn’t important to you – then it is upon deaf ears – blinded eyes and you’ve lost the feelings you once had.

Long ago someone asked if you could one thing on this world today – what would it be? The answer was a living Prophet to lead and guide us. Well you and I have one called of God – to lead us.

For those who’ve tolerated the above and are doing all you can to be obedient – active and holding a Temple Recommend in the day of my passing I hope to be counted with you and praise you for enduring in such a wicked place as this world is found today.

I leave this in the name of Jesus Christ – amen c/ork

“The East Wind is Blowing”


Darkened skies overhead
tree limbs falling hard
homes tumbling burning
havoc abroad screaming
the east wind is blowing
no reason, no place, no time
no more the right thing
while yet to the west
we see the light of hope
can we repent and find
our way to the light
doing the right thing
for the right reason
at the right time
and in the right place?

Copyright © 2019 – cji

'Chuck' Charles J. Ingerson, CPCM, Fellow (NCMA)

“When reading the Scriptures  – always begin by saying this is written to (names of those present) – or if reading Scriptures as a family, couple, individually – begin with saying your family name or individual name. This will make them personal and far more meaningful. 

Omit whoever the writer is writing to as we know none of them – therefore they are impersonal.”  cji 9/22/19

"Stupor of Thought"

“Stupor of Thought”


Turning on his mind
bringing up the screen
finding nothing there
just a blank feeling
this stupor of thought
so often prompted
as Spirit always there
this unusual happening
caught by surprise
that once in a while
able to create on own
within the blank screen
of his ever creative mind!

Copyright © 2019 – cji

September 28, 2019

"God Knows Who You Are!"

“God Knows Who You Are”


It was a miserable trek
through back rivers
streams, small lakes
we stretched out 10 miles
but it was the Sabbath
and we had stopped
awaiting orders …
We were called to
and our Major read;
‘To the men of my command
from the General of the Army
of the Western Army USA
(then started a prayer)
Dear Heavenly Father
we thank you for being
here with us today …
as we know your with
the Southern boys as well
no regarder of persons
and we know this isn’t
your war but the adversary
as you would not divide
families, brothers…
So my young sons
in battle this day
know this – always
God knows who you are
He knows where you are
He knows what you believe…
Be professionals don’t hate
leave that for the politicians
for the media and worse…
and it ended in the name
of our Lord and Savior, amen’
How much today we need
this Sabbath Day prayer
not at war with guns/sabers
cannon – but with hate/power
dividing us all asunder
to remember the following
God knows who we are
He knows where we are
He knows what we believe!

Copyright © 2019 – cji

September 27, 2019

"Celestial Love" (a Commandment)

“Celestial Love”


We’ve been commanded
to love God …
then we’re told how
‘keep my commandments’
we’re told to love self
then we’re told how
by loving our neighbors
as our self …
We’ve the plan
the commandments
without Celestial love
we will not make
the Celestial Kingdom
to live with Father
our families together
the choice as always
is ours to make!

Copyright © 2019 – cji

"He Trusts Me"

“He Trusts Me”


Met in a sales encounter
online Ebay to be sure
purchased the wrong #
got in touch – no problem
correct # on the way
send 25 dollars okay
then he wrote
‘I trust you – package
is already in the mail’
what a special thing
two who’ve never met
being able to say
they can trust each!

Copyright © 2019 – cji