May 29, 2017

"Street Warriors" (Epilogue)

Street warriors who serve
daily in harm’s way today
putting aside the pressure
going into the line of fire
unknowing where or whom
knowing it’s their duty
sworn by oath to serve
men/women in Blue
wearing shields
wearing shields
wearing shields!)

Copyright © 2017 – cji

(8) "Impressions"

Weeping is found my heart
how many years have past
how many men/women known
wherein I’m so grateful too
millions maybe even more
unsung heroes of the peace
protecting me and my family
impressions now in stone
more importantly my mind
ever remembering each
impressions of loneliness
street warriors each and all
remembered weeps my heart!

Copyright © 2017 – cji

(7) "The Shame"

“The Shame”
Follywood and the media
portraying the criminal
as the hero of this day
corrupting the police
sending lies as a message
presenting violence
as being okay for all
making actors/actresses
role models of the wrongs
calling them to be rights
never knowing the shame
that comes from deceptions
for without feelings – cold
follywood and the media!

Copyright © 2017 – cji

(6) "Each and Everyone"

“Each and Everyone”
For those who pray daily
remembering to be grateful
thinking usually of family/self
how many remember others
street warriors giving their all
that one may say prayers
live knowing another protects
knowing another protects!

Copyright © 2017 – cji

(5) "Common Sense"

“Common Sense”
The flag covers the casket
beneath was a heart of blue
giving their all line of duty
going in the field of fire
trying to save a life-lives
becoming the target
common sense argues
why? why? would one
undeniable the proof
common sense confused
the casket flag covered!

Copyright © 2017 – cji

(4) "Innocents"

Mistaken identity infrequent
an innocent lying dead
confused and unclear
wrong place right time
while now the cry made
regardless of the who
‘hate crime’ ‘racism’
such a good person
just seen committing
but society divided
rap sheets mean nothing
mistaken identity ‘yes/no)
yet lame street media
paid organizers scream
poster child photos
politicians involved
biased against police
creating more chaos
demeaning innocents
mistaken for criminals
while criminals decreed
to be innocents!

Copyright © 2017 – cji

(3) "Responding"

Duty taken in oath
going into the crime
barest of knowledge
only a radio call
sometimes not clear
someone with a gun
someone acting strange
brief identity provided
still responding always
taken in oath their duty!
Copyright © 2017 – cji

(2) "Cops and Robbers"

“Cops and Robbers”
Most of us once young
played cops and robbers
or other similar games
which were only that
how many choose cops
how many others robbers
one thing become known
robbers had the advantage
they could pick when/where
to strike-commit a crime
while the cops had to wait
unable to act without cause
cops and robbers a game
today reality without friends
knowing who was who!

Copyright © 2017 – cji

(1) "Street Warriors"

“Street Warriors”
Men/women in Blue
wearing shields
as in the old west
badges of authority
allowing the criminals
to know who they were
while remaining unknown
in the old west glorified
yet today anonymous
family and our neighbors
dressing as we do for work
only with the exception
becoming a target
either of safety or evil
street warriors daily
helping to keep us
free from criminals
allowed to live free!
Copyright © 2017 – cji

"Street Warriors" (Prologue)

 “Street Warriors”



Many years ago as a young boy I did many things which today I regret. This is not to say I was wicked or into criminal behavior – but it was enough to get me into trouble at the time. One of these was throwing snowballs! One such time I almost hit a crossing guard – and in those days they knew us not only be name but where we lived. Needless to say this man in uniform showed up to call me into accountability. He did so in that to this day I both remember and understand why I should not have done this. He made a great impression on this elementary student. He also became my friend – indeed as I grew many from crossing guards to policemen have done the same! One such was the uncle of a boy who played baseball with us. He could see I had not much understanding or a very good skill set for the game. As his nephew wouldn’t take any advice or help from him I did. It turns out he’d been a very good athlete and an excellent baseball player. Being a quick learner – it helped me become skilled in most aspects of the game. It also taught me that Policemen/women played many different roles in their lives and not just enforcers of the laws – but also as preventative measures to help out those who struggle in their lives. Thus when attempting to write and honor their professionalism and duty to the protection of the innocents within our society some background was needful. One could account for those who don’t have these qualities and do things which do not honor their duty but this is such a small percentage of those who do serve with honor they need not be mentioned below. Wherever below I use the singular gender i.e. man/woman men/women it applies equally to both. We’ve many in our society who’s responsibility is to enforce the rules or laws of the land. Many in doing their professions suffer at the hands of those who want not rules or laws unless they can be used to their advantage.

We’ve also to remember the wicked in our society who’s only goal is to murder these who serve – i.e. Detroit in the early 60’s would start fires and when those to enforce or fight the fires would be shot upon by these cowards in ambush. Today the murder of those enforcing the laws of our nation are actually being encouraged by haters, politicians, media and others trying to create a chaotic society. Today we’re almost like the inane laws NYC tried to pass in in the 70’s to make officers of the law to empty their weapons until the need for them was required – which any sane person knows would be too late. Teaching high school at the time – we discussed this – and the basic understanding was – they (the uniformed officers) would be nothing more than targets of opportunity for the criminals walking the streets.

Again one can think of the riots – storms – and other situation where chaos was present – remembering the good and the evil of all walks of life in the destruction of property, theft, and honest service. It is sad that we’ve become a nation of the very wealthy striving to destroy our nation for their gain – but they’re funding the riots and criminal aspects of our society. Dividing and destroying is the same now as it was in the hundreds of millenniums gone before. Hopefully we’ll learn to honor the good – and seek to destroy the evil (at least in our control).  Street Warriors is my tribute to those in uniforms trying to defend the rights of the Constitution and the freedoms of our land.  c/ork

(note: photos are not all mine and some from a very good friend WH)

May 28, 2017

"Days of Hell" (Epilogue)

There’s a plain space
where mixed voices
waving flags and bands
taps is heard clearly
clattering of horses
rumble of heavy armor
hissing of the valves
roaring of jet engines
cries of pain and agony
tears of joy and of loss
days of hell very costly
in this plain space of life!)

Copyright © 2017 – cji

(5) "Days of Hell"

“Days of Hell”
We call them collectively
Memorial Day this day
honoring those who serve(d)
those who gave their all
for what more is there
than to give one’s all
for God, Family, Nation
remembered now to each
as the days of hell!!

Copyright © 2017 – cji

(4) "The Entitled"

(I’d rather this not
had to be written)
“The Entitled”
Not all serve our nation
many spit and hate
burning the flag freedom
spewing the poisons
injected into their being
from Presidents to serfs
evil bought and paid for
led in pelf and guile
claiming entitlements
selfishness exemplified
spoiled garbage known
all because days of hell
were paid in full for them
for freedom was for all
not just the few ever!

Copyright © 2017 – cji

(3) "To Be A Veteran"

“To Be A Veteran”
All in some way do serve
loved ones and family
friends and neighbors
men/women do all honor
to be a veteran is known
some shyly quiet reside
others serving still bold
stepping forward as one
when so many shun
to be a veteran tears flow
wondering pondering
knowing to do all again
repeating days of hell
unending in time/space!
Copyright © 2017 – cji

(2) "Marching Bands"

“Marching Bands”
Somber music so played
tapping of the drums
keeping beat to the pace
morning colors and evening
tears embraced by each
marching bands knowing
the why fore of freedoms
the eternal cost of liberty
moving slowly along
finding the days of hell
accounted for in lives!
Copyright © 2017 – cji

(1) "Waving Flags"

“Waving Flags”
Must show the flag today
half-mast at 1100 hours
or dipping and bowing
remembering the why
for which many died
many others wounded
all affected mentally
waving flags moving
reaching back to feel
days of hell this day
paying homage to those
who gave some or all!
Copyright © 2017 – cji

"Days of Hell" (Prologue)

“Days of Hell”


Children, women, the old
called to serve at once
leaving homes and warmth
standing forth for duty
indeed God, family, nation
preserving freedoms had
bringing forth fruits/supplies
knowing those in need
sons, daughters, fathers
mothers, friends, others
those serving in front lines
hand to hand engaged
fighting for God, families
nation and liberties
all honored this day
a reminder of days of hell!)

Copyright © 2017 – cji

"Knowing Good People"

“Knowing Good People”


Meeting a kindred spirit
feeling that instant bond
so many act indifferent
afraid to break silence
once done though great
knowing good people
new friends met today
meeting a kindred spirit!

Copyright © 2017 – cji

May 27, 2017

"The Sabbath Day" (Keep it Holy)

“The Sabbath Day”
(Keep it Holy)


Mundane and repetitive
we hear it and read it
but what does it mean
to keep holy the Sabbath
foremost it’s a Commandment
don’t keep it and forfeit life
eternal life and Salvation
returning to live with Father
and His Son who gave all
that we might live forever
with them in the eternities
for the Son said, “if you
love me – keep my
this then is one of them
going to a bull fight
to the coliseum
boating, fishing, dining
think about it fully
for one to commanded
in all things so simple
is truly a slothful one
of course most find this
mundane and repetitive!

Copyright © 2017 – cji

May 26, 2017




Slinking throw the mazes
shadowy figures of slime
not like the war time soldiers
these are of a different kind
their hatred in mind’s wind
giving or following orders
torpedo’s to ruin life’s line
living dementedly in dazes!

Copyright © 2017 – cji




To cut asunder with words
even actions or in looks
making right wrong always
bringing all to their levels
darkness and forebodingly
sinking into the swamps
sub-humans called elite
worshiped by our media
pandered to by minions!

Copyright © 2017 – cji

"The Wild Flock"

“The Wild Flock”


Eating poison mushrooms
going crazy in the light
winds blowing them about
fleeing from the shepherd
running off of the high cliffs
taking many with them as one
meals without brains to think
ignoring pure wisdom in toto’
thinking to be the predators
while only the feast instead
devoured dead unknowing!

Mosiah 8:21 Yea, they are as
a wild flock which fleeth
from the shepherd, and scattereth,
and are driven, and are devoured
 by the beasts of the forest.

Copyright © 2017 – cji

May 25, 2017




Bending the Constitution
forming into nothingness
ignoring those who know
pandering to those who don’t
manipulations of the elite
wanting no law but theirs
arrogance beyond reason
slavery to keep the masses
malleable to their objectives
thus bending the Constitution!

Copyright © 2017 – cji