August 29, 2012

“A Wee Child”

“A Wee Child”
Happiness in anticipation
waiting and thus planning
this wee child is coming
from our Father for a visit
mortality of hers to be tested
lovingly she’ll be all to know
mommy and daddy to grow
and maybe all of us to know
still in the womb warm!
Copyright © 2012 – cji

August 28, 2012

“Parting Oceans”

“Parting Oceans”
Dividing asunder in raging
completing natures awe
planets and solar systems
earth and sea and air
plants, animals and men
women to enjoin family
extending space into time
parting oceans as purity
ice floes and lightning
violence in aging waste
given moments to pause
wondering at natures awe!
Copyright © 2012 – cji

"Simple Words"

"Simple Words"
Just a thank you from you
such simple words to hear
appreciation in kindness
sharing a smile today
feelings of new warmth
uniting thus two strangers
maybe never ever to meet
yet knowing of the other
caring enough to share
such simple words to cheer
in saying, 'thank  you' true!
Copyright © 2012 – cji

August 27, 2012

“Great Heights”

“Great Heights”
Climbing into the sky above
seeking the highest points
gasping for breath so cold
chilled and unable to warm
yet higher and higher to warn
unwilling not to be so bold
wherein icy rain anoints
sharing this eternal love;
Great heights to achieve all
slipping and sliding often
grasping again a foot hold
clinging to life by a thread
but in truthfulness I’m led
bringing another to the fold
sharing eternal love to soften
allowed to hear Father’s call!
Copyright © 2012 – cji


How important or unimportant
a mortal life can be so found
good one day – evil the next
truthful/honest – dishonest/lying;
wherever in the world is crying
when wickedness powers flex
forever then is nobody bound
within the Celestial covenant!
Copyright © 2012 – cji

August 26, 2012

“Strength of Stones”

“Strength of Stones”
Boulders and huge rocks
sheer cliffs of granite high
descending in cascades
breaking into pieces small
now but the stones seen
once mighty now fallen
once dominating now lost
wherein once I was young
but now am I found old
my strength of youth
the strength of stones!
Copyright © 2012 – cji

August 25, 2012

“To Be Pure”

“To Be Pure”
Awakening on the Sabbath
kneeling in humble prayer
conversing with Father today
sharing thankfulness and love
grateful for the rain/winds
grateful for life and time
grateful for freedom too
understanding of agency
to be used ever so wisely
thank for the Atonement
that we too can repent
to be pure and so clean
entering into thy presence
able to embrace with thee!
Copyright © 2012 – cji

August 24, 2012

“Never Ending”

“Never Ending”
Cycles and cycles to find
different beginnings found
the endings never the same
just repetitious sameness
screams echoing all alone
storms and waves crashing
seeing chaos in upheaval
weapons loosed and firing
targets dropping – raising
dead and dying all living
never ending dreams held
pretending not to happen
awakening pretending sane
crescendos of violence
keeping alert and alive
never ending in defeat!
Copyright © 2012 – cji

“To Stand Patrol”

“To Stand Patrol”
Sadly I’m getting too old
youth has fully escaped
middle age flown away
now entering December
seems maybe long ago
unable to enlist any more
not wanting in the parade
even pushed aside often
blocking another’s way
going to the head of line
hearing whispers of why
challenged lost in thought
carried back to the before
yet taking up my weapon
the perimeter to guard
maybe for my last time
my watch to stand patrol!
Copyright © 2012 – cji

August 23, 2012

“Quiet Loudness”

“Quiet Loudness”
Dulling my senses within
screaming sounds without
piercing and echoing loudly
as rivers and streams flow
crescendo’s of raging rapids
challenging towering cliffs
quiet loudness invades all
where once found peace
now chaos awakens fears
shattering the nights dark
where silence appears stark
and children sleep in love
parents protect the home
and soldiers the night!
Copyright © 2012 – cji

“No Fuse – or Short Fuse”

“No Fuse – or Short Fuse”
Dynamite and high explosive
disciplined and controlled
anger pumped and trained
waiting – waiting for what
listening – silence – clamor
chaos and without order
confusion without clarity
contention w/o understanding
no fuse or short fuse found
measured every soft sound
without defenses to enable
diminished fields of fire
the enemy now all around
my being now to surround
my heart in silence to pound!
Copyright © 2012 – cji

August 22, 2012

“Limiting the Divine”

“Limiting the Divine”
Peering into the wavering mist
seeking what is most known
delving into the mysteries all
increasing man/woman’s wisdom
overcoming humility to question
limiting the divine’s eternalness
grasping straws of uselessness
unwilling to give in to cession
wanting a mortality only kingdom
refusing to hear Father’s call
into excesses of abuses grown
with satan an engaging tryst!
Copyright © 2012 – cji

August 21, 2012




Solicited by time invested
considered well earned
education planting seeds
while the rains came soft
a growing season passed
many more to come – go
then awaking into the morn
tenured in the universe
eternally to be prepared
time invested wisely all
obedient to the Father
tenured into the Celestial!

Copyright © 2012 – cji