November 30, 2015

December 2015 Visiting Teaching Message

Visiting Teaching Message:

Follow the Light

After Jesus was born, Wise Men brought Him gifts. They followed a new, bright star in the sky to find Him.
Follow the path to get to Jesus. What gifts could you bring Him?
This is part of a series of Visiting Teaching Messages featuring divine attributes of the Savior.  “In the scriptures, compassion means literally ‘to suffer with.’ It also means to show sympathy, pity, and mercy for another.”1
“Jesus provided us many examples of compassionate concern,” said PresidentThomas S. Monson. “The crippled man at the pool of Bethesda; the woman taken in adultery; the woman at Jacob’s well; the daughter of Jairus; Lazarus, brother of Mary and Martha—each represented a casualty on the Jericho road. Each needed help.
“To the cripple at Bethesda, Jesus said, ‘Rise, take up thy bed, and walk.’ To the sinful woman came the counsel, ‘Go, and sin no more.’ To help her who came to draw water, He provided a well of water ‘springing up into everlasting life.’ To the dead daughter of Jairus came the command, ‘Damsel, I say unto thee, arise.’ To the entombed Lazarus, ‘Come forth.’
“The Savior has always shown unlimited capacity for compassion. … Let us open the door of our hearts, that He—the living example of true compassion—may enter.”2

Additional Scriptures

From the Scriptures

“My husband and I knelt by the side of our 17-year-old daughter and pleaded for her life,” said Linda S. Reeves, second counselor in the Relief Society general presidency. “The answer was no, but … we have come to know … that … [the Savior] feels compassion for us in our sorrows.”3
“One of my favorite stories from the Savior’s life is the story of Lazarus. The scriptures tell us that ‘Jesus loved Martha, … her sister [Mary], and [their brother] Lazarus.’”4 When Lazarus became ill, word was sent to Jesus, but when He arrived Lazarus had already died. Mary ran to Jesus, fell down at His feet, and wept. When Jesus saw Mary weeping, “he groaned in the spirit, and … wept” (John 11:33, 35).
“That is our charge. We must feel and see for ourselves and then help all of Heavenly Father’s children to feel and see and know that our Savior has taken upon Himself not only all our sins but also our pains and our suffering and afflictions so that He can know what we feel and how to comfort us.”5

Consider This

Who could be blessed by your compassion?

“A Time of Giving”


Every day and every season
there’s a need for one giving
love, sharing time, and gifts
compassionate service for all
food, clothing, babysitting
cleaning floors – washing dishes
taking time for others in need
thus at Christmas time noticed
more feel to enjoin themselves
being creative in their thinking
maybe once a month to do
some small act of love/service
to last the whole year round
every day and every season!

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December 2015 Home Teaching Message


By President Thomas S. Monson


Another Christmas season is upon us and with it the dawning of a new year. It seems as though only yesterday we were celebrating the Savior’s birth and making resolutions.
Among our resolutions for this year, did we resolve to make time in our lives and room in our hearts for the Savior? No matter how successful we may have been thus far with such a resolution, I am confident we all wish to do better. This Christmas season is the perfect time to examine and renew our efforts.
In our busy lives, with ever so many other things competing for our attention, it is essential that we make a conscious, committed effort to bring Christ into our lives and into our homes. And it is vital that we, like the Wise Men from the East, remain fixed upon His star and “come to worship him.”1
Down through the generations of time, the message from Jesus has been the same. To Peter and Andrew by the shores of Galilee, He said, “Follow me.”2 To Philip came the call, “Follow me.”3 To the Levite who sat at receipt of customs came the instruction, “Follow me.”4And to you and to me, if we but listen, will come that same beckoning invitation: “Follow me.”5
As we follow in His footsteps today and as we emulate His example, we will have opportunities to bless the lives of others. Jesus invites us to give of ourselves: “Behold, the Lord requireth the heart and a willing mind.”6
Is there someone for whom you should provide service this Christmas? Is there one who awaits your visit?
Years ago I paid a Christmas call at the home of an elderly widow. While I was there, the doorbell rang. There at the door stood a very busy and prominent physician. He had not been summoned; rather, he had just felt a prompting to pay a visit to a patient who was lonely.
During this season, the hearts of those who are confined reach out and yearn for a Christmas visit. One Christmas while visiting a care center, I sat and talked with five elderly ladies, the oldest of whom was 101. She was blind, yet she recognized my voice.
“Bishop, you are a little late this year!” she said. “I thought you would never come.”
We had a wonderful time together. One patient, however, looked longingly out the window and repeated over and over, “I know my boy will come to see me today.” I wondered if he would, for there had been other Christmas seasons when he had never called.
There is yet time this year to extend the helping hand, the loving heart, and the willing spirit—in other words, to follow the example set by our Savior and to serve as He would have us serve. As we serve Him, we will not forfeit our opportunity, as did the innkeeper of old,7 to make time for Him in our lives and room for Him in our hearts.
Can we comprehend the magnificent promise contained in the message of the angel given to the shepherds abiding in the field: “I bring you good tidings of great joy. … For unto you is born this day … a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord”?8
As we exchange gifts at Christmas, may we remember, appreciate, and receive that greatest gift of all gifts—the gift of our Savior and Redeemer, that we might have eternal life.
“For what doth it profit a man if a gift is bestowed upon him, and he receive not the gift? Behold, he rejoices not in that which is given unto him, neither rejoices in him who is the giver of the gift.”9
May we follow Him, serve Him, honor Him, and receive in our lives His gifts to us, that we might be, in the words of Father Lehi, “encircled about eternally in the arms of his love.”10

Teaching from This Message

President Monson calls on us to “make a conscious, committed effort to bring Christ into our lives and into our homes.” Consider discussing with those you teach how they can make this conscious effort individually and as a family. You might consider asking them to think of a specific person or family whom they could visit or serve this Christmas. “There is yet time this year to extend the helping hand, the loving heart, and the willing spirit.”


Ways to Serve at Christmastime

President Monson takes the time to visit the elderly and those in care centers, especially at Christmastime. He noted that there are those who are happy because they’ve received visitors, while others only hope for visitors who never come. There are people waiting for somebody—maybe this Christmas, you can be that somebody.
The following is a list of just a few ways you can help make sure no one feels alone this Christmas. Feel free to think of more ways you can reach out in your community this season. “Is there one who awaits your visit?”
·         Make Christmas cards to send to the missionaries and the single and elderly members of your ward or branch.
·         Volunteer with a local community organization.
·         Give copies of the Book of Mormon as Christmas gifts to your friends and neighbors.
·         Visit elderly people in your ward or family.
·         Make treats to deliver to your neighbors.
For more ideas on how you can serve in your community, go to


“Making Time”


Making time for others
especially the Savior
for He gave his all
that each of us might
have eternal life as one
enjoining our families
while his sacrifice infinite
ours requires obedience
what betting time of year
to recommit to our Father
our love, time, even our all
in his service our all
doing his will not ours
until they become one!

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November 29, 2015




Skipping to the end of time
what matters most of all
obedience, love of God
works of good and virtue
avoiding all evil at all times
seeking out service sacred
remembering who we are
why we were sent here
passing mortal probations
conclusions easy to discern
what matters most of all
skipping to the end of time!

13 ¶Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man.
14 For God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil.

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November 28, 2015

"Watching Over"

“Watching Over”


Sometimes we feel all alone
yet never such is the case
all of Father’s creatures see
watching over this earth
theirs and ours to share
while sometimes forgetting
we’re never here so alone
as to not have another near
thus on this Sabbath Day
remember always someone
animal, person or angel
is watching over us all
reporting back to our Father
our actions good or bad
justice will not be mocked
while mercy will be served
such is always the case
never for us to feel alone!

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November 27, 2015

"In Need of Goads"

“In Need of Goads”


Once they used cattle prods
but now political correctness
forbidding use of forcefulness
we may go back to the goads
only with questions/answers
allowing those in need willing
pushing and pulling themselves
for the guilt of evil and envy
despising and ridiculing all
seemingly comes around
but we wait in obedience
bearing no ill will at any
knowing to judge is wrong
however knowing in the end
they’ll wish it were cattle prods!

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November 26, 2015

"Left Off" (message on gator)

“Left Off”


The train has left the station
ships have all gone to sea
planes are grounded by fog
much confusion all around
many complaining of tickets
as now most are no longer
too late to find out left off
going to the wrong counters
paying good money for what
a big home for some and more
yet lessons only to justify
mixing rhetoric with philosophy
very little to do with literal truth
thus standing on the dock
the platform overflowing too
too many looking lost away
having been tricked by wiles
bitten into the wrong fruit
the fog engulfing all in awe
no ships to see to board
and trains left the stations!

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November 25, 2015

"No Longer Needed"

“No Longer Needed”


Process of elimination
never ending in war
using then abusing
allies then enemies
no longer needed
msm unable to learn
bleeding liberals too
being used for power
slavery alive and well
just different names
places even masters
when not needed
first to be eliminated!

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"Beyond Counting Skills"

“Beyond Counting Skills”


How often the deceivers
lose count of their lies
misplacing any reason
glorying in their frauds
beyond counting skills
media and politicians
working hand in hand
creating diversions awe
casting shadows confused
taking awe to new levels
the unbelievable sane
having lost their real
leading other to the same
the deceivers pro-create!

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Forgotten such a word
replaced by just taking
pushing aside traditions
while some will observe
most ridicule and laugh
history forgotten useless
there is no past learning
everything is just today
giving a sense of zero
meaningless life’s lived
yet some do remember
yet some still do pray
and yes some give
sharing and caring
loving and obedient
many rushing thoughts
unable to release
incapable to reach
those who need much
common sense/reason
replaced by just taking
all else is forgotten!

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November 24, 2015

"Lies Told Twice"

“Lies Told Twice”


Once is never enough
one lie leads to another
over and over again
political correctness
requires lying often
truth is forgotten
in the quest of power
wealth and lusts
seduction at its best
masses buying in
loving the lies repeated
giving justifications
granting imperfections
justifying disobedience
over and over again
another lie easily told
once is never enough!

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